Friday, June 29, 2012

Lesson Plan Template

I'm breaking records today!! Second post in a week...or month! Yay me!

While the toddler is sleeping I thought I should work on my schedule for next year.  I like to make my daily lesson plans in word then fill in by hand what I will be doing that day.  Just what works for me. I don't like the lesson plan books you can buy at your local teacher store, they never have enough space! So I make my own.  Its nothing fancy, but it's a format I am used to and I can usually just leave this out for a sub!

Click here

Okay, I'm still new to all this technology stuff and when I uploaded the document to google docs it didn't load right.  On my Word version the 2 boxes are on the same page next to each other. I couldn't figure out how to fix I am just going to deal with it!  Anyway, if you like it, use it!  

Hope everyone is enjoying the heat wave! I'm taking Colt swimming now that he is up!


Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summer Time

It's summer, yay!!!!!!!   I was so happy to see the end of the was a tough one, but we made it!  I will be teaching Transitional K this coming year, so I have spent this month doing a little research trying to find out how and what to do with this level.  Even though I am not in CA, the state has mandated TK classes this coming year because the entry date was changed. So, kids who now are not old enough for regular K can sign up for TK and then attend regular K the following year. Anyway, there is some info out there if anyone else is teaching TK let me know! I would love to know what you are doing!

I went into my classroom yesterday to paint my bulletin board and almost cried when I saw my room! NOTHING was where it was supposed to be! Instead of crying, I took a breath and started desk, a big bookshelf, filing cabinets, and tables. After getting that all moved I was able to start painting...well after I removed all the staples that were left in the board from the previous owner!

Here is the before picture...isn't it a lovely color?

I decided I was tired of hanging paper so I painted the board instead!

The pink side will be where I put my birthday cakes and the blue is for calendar and other works of art. I will post again when I have it done.

If anyone else is teaching TK or has any ideas let me know!!

Before I sign off I want to thank Marlana at Lil' Country Kindergarten for posting a link to my blog! If you haven't been to see her you better get moving! She is a great resource and has been very helpful to me!

Enjoy the sunshine!